Public Administration at the boundaries. Studies and Perspectives on an Evolving Public Law


Public law finds itself facing new frontiers that require a reconsideration of the theoretical models that, to date, have underpinned its development.

These ‘frontiers’ orientate the object and methods of the study of public administrations, imposing the integration of the research mechanisms inherited from tradition with cognitive tools, data, and concepts elaborated by other methods and sciences, as necessary factors for understanding the transformations of roles, tasks and prerogatives of institutions.

The opening up of these new ‘frontiers’ requires a special commitment on the part of the lawyer who, from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, is now more than ever called upon to grasp and interpret the meaning of the evolution of law in the changes underway.

The series Public Administration at the Boundaries: Studies and Perspectives on an Evolving Public Law brings together studies aimed at outlining the characteristics of these frontiers, measuring their effects, and crossing their boundaries.

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Scientific Direction. Antonio Barone, Marcos Almeida Cerreda, Antonio Cassatella, Emilie Chevalier, Pedro Costa Gonçalves, Elise Degrave, Manuel Fernández Salmerón, Cristina Fraenkel-Haeberle, Emiliano Frediani, Anna Maria La Chimia, Rubén Martínez Gutiérrez, Eva María Menéndez Sebastián, Viviana Molaschi, Angelo Giuseppe Orofino, Olivier Renaudie, Joe Tomlinson, Julián Valero Torrijos

Scientific Coordination. Angelo Giuseppe Orofino

Scientific Committe. Jean-Bernard Auby, Concepción Barrero Rodríguez, Paul Craig, Patrizia De Pasquale, Marina D’Orsogna, José Esteve Pardo, Loredana Giani, Alejandro Huergo Lora, António Cândido Macedo de Oliveira, Elisenda Malaret García, Aristide Police, Mauro Renna, Maria Alessandra Sandulli, Stephanie Schiedermair, Francisco Velasco Caballero, Piera Maria Vipiana, Alberto Zito

Editorial Board. Fabiola Cimbali, Andrea Circolo, Angela Correra, Raffaella Dagostino, Luna Felici, Laura Maccarrone, Marco Mongelli

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