Understanding Wrongful Conviction

The Protection Of The Innocent Across Europe And America

A cura di Luparia Luca
— CEDAM — Anno 2015

The problem of wrongful convictions in Europe has often been placed on the margins of the scientific debate as well as of the interest of lawmakers. The North American experience and the important work conducted by the numerous innocence organiza­tions based in the U.S. impose today to the European observer to deal with a phenom­enon that cannot be underestimated anymore but, on the contrary, has to be located at the centre of the academics and operators’ consideration. The volume offers different contributions from the main European and American experts, discussing on the more frequent roots of miscarriage of justice, on the real effectiveness of the remedies, on the achievements of the Innocence movement across civil and common law systems. An occasion for a critical evaluation of the issue and a headway to strengthen the attention on a primary subject for those who everyday deal with the administration of justice.

Luca Lupária is Professor of Criminal Procedure at the University of Milan. Visiting Professor in European and American Universities, he has coordinated international research projects. Author of several essays and articles in the fields of criminal justice and comparative law, published in different countries, he is also Director of the Italy Innocence Project.

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