The European Public Prosecutor's Office and National Authorities

Autori Nowak Celina
— CEDAM — Anno 2016

The establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is one of the hot topics on the European Union agenda today. The EU Member States are currently negotiating legal framework with regard to the EPPO, struggling to combine the national sovereignty and particular national interests with the necessity to fight EU fraud more efficiently.
One of the big challenges for the EPPO will be the relations with the national authorities. The book, collecting chapters by most prominent experts in the field, addresses this
important issue in a comprehensive manner, presenting different views on the possible institutional layout of the EPPO, its competences and future operations.

Celina Nowak works as associate professor at the Kozminski University in Warsaw and the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish academy of sciences. She is a graduate of Warsaw University and Université de Paris I – Panthéon – Sorbonne. Author and editor of many publications on Polish, European and international criminal law. Member of the board of Directors of the International association of Penal Law.

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